5 Cool Destinations for the Restless at Heart

If you’re a travel addict, like me, then you too are always looking for your next fix. Example: I planned my Thanksgiving ’12 trip to Iceland before I left for my December ’11 trip to Thailand (correction: before I even did any itinerary-planning for Thailand). It’s sort of an unhealthy obsession that is sustained by tons of daydreaming and time-consuming airfare research, both of which I am willing to contribute as much as is needed. I have compiled a list of five destinations that I absolutely can’t stop thinking about, near and far. What’s on your list?

Iceland: Goes without saying, I’m getting here one way or another in 2012. Glaciers, Northern Lights, a great music scene, hot springs, Vatnajökull National Park (which already occupies a whopping 12 percent of the entire country), and of course, Plokkfiskur, a fish, onion, milk, butter and potato mash topped with cheese and a butter- and egg-based sauce.  Obsessed.

Vancouver: My best friend’s boyfriend is from Vancouver and every time they go visit his family, they rave about it. “You’ve got to go! The mountains, the water, cool music, skiing and snowboarding!” Exclamation points included. What can I say, I do really really want to go.

Machu Picchu: I know, it’s down right sinful that I have not set foot in the mystical Inca empire yet. I love a good hike, especially when it comes with a view of Urubamba Valley. Also, there’s llamas, and incredible historical accounts waiting to be told. Peruvian food takes the cake; the country grows more than 2,000 kinds of potatoes.

Maldives: Due to climate change, these stunning, remote islands off the coast of India and Sri Lanka are slowly sinking. There are a total of 1,190, some with a perimeter than can be traced in under an hour. About 200 are developed into one-resort playgrounds, while others remain uninhabited. After living in New York City my entire life, I would kill to be in this part of the world, totally unreachable, languishing in a beach chair until nightfall, surrounded by endless horizon.

Maine: My mouth waters every time I think about New England. Not because I’m creepy. But because I want to eat succulent, fresh lobster rolls, all day long. Rain, snow or sunshine. While surveying the quaint New England harbors. Lobster rolls that come wedged in toasted buttery buns, lightly salted and peppered, with a dash of lemon mayo (so that you can slide the lobster meat into your mouth quicker – there is no other reason for the lemon mayo cameo).

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