3 Things I Never Want to Forget About Bangkok

When you travel a lot, the memories can blend together. Afterward, the things that tend to stick out in your mind are an inextricable mélange of experiences, excursions, tastes and emotions; random triggers and jerks of deja vous. I recently journeyed to Thailand for two weeks, and my first stop was in Bangkok – a pungent metropolis that I would abandon New York City for a hundred times over. Here’s my picks for most memorable:

1)   Joy-riding Bangkok’s tuk tuks is the one of the most thrilling experiences I’ve had the pleasure to recall. I’m not sure whether it’s the complete recklessness with which the cabbies whiz in and out of heavy traffic, or the 99.9 percent chance that they’ll try to rip you off like a newborn baby (don’t worry, if you’re prepared, you can haggle them down to a reasonable rate), but flying through the city in these motorized carts injected an entirely gratuitous shot of adrenaline into my veins every. single. time.

2)   The Thai massage I opted for wasn’t necessarily the most outwardly pleasant of my memories, however, it certainly made an impression (on my skin and bone structure). Myself and three friends were placed in one room, laid out on four mattresses and kneaded until we were pained putty by four tiny Thai ladies. Though petite and adorable, these little monsters could’ve passed for heavyweight-division fighters, based solely on the force of their fingers.

3)   Let me put the period on this post with one word – shopping. Shopping in Bangkok is a big affair. Do yourself a favor and avoid the giant malls. For some reason, people advised me to check them out, but it was really an experience I didn’t much care for. The markets, however, are exquisite, featuring high and bizarre style, edgy jewelry and totally awesome footwear at a quarter of the price you would pay elsewhere (unless you’re from Asia). I recommend the Chatuchak Weekend Market, the Chinatown market and the market near Robinson’s department store in the business district. Cute finds below, and featured above.

Bought at Chatuchak Weekend Market on a sunny Christmas Day afternoon! ($7 each)

                                      Robinson’s Department Store ($30 – I splurged on these babies)

3 Responses to “3 Things I Never Want to Forget About Bangkok”
  1. lidipiri says:

    Heading out to Thailand (and Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Burma and Hong Kong) in 11 days. Can’t wait and love to hear first hand accounts of people that have just returned. Thanks.

    • Hi Lidia, I’m so envious of your travels. I’ve only been to Thailand in that list, but I was so impressed. It’s such a beautiful place. I definitely went to touristy spots like Bangkok and Koh Samui, but there was one place I went, called Krabi, on the west coast, that was absolutely stunning. I actually will be writing a post about it, maybe today even. It’s ALL cliffs and beach. The most beautiful place. I stayed at Ao Nang Cliffside Resort. It’s way up on the mountain, and literally, cliffside, so it’s not in Ao Nang proper, which is where all the shopping is, but I was very happy with that. They had free hourly shuttles, which take 10 minutes to the main beach area. The resort was all jungle bungalows and they have a tiny farm and wild vegetation canopies everywhere. It was an absolute dream for me. I cannot recommend that place more if you are interested in that kind of experience. Bangkok was very cool for nightlife and also shopping. Make sure you ride a river motorboat and a tuk tuk at least once (maybe ask the hotel for accurate pricing so you can bargain the drivers down). I stayed at lebua at State Tower there, pretty pricy, there are probably cheaper accommodations, but it was a really luxurious spot to overnight, so no complaints there. Definitely go to the floating market, but be prepared for lots of aggressive selling. In Koh Samui, I also stayed remote from all the action at Mantra Samui. It’s a very very romantic place and if you want to really get the Koh Samui nightlife and party feel, I would suggest staying by the beach, since that’s where most of the attractions are. I did an excursion to Angthong National Park there, which entailed kayaking, snorkeling and swimming – such a wonderful experience. Anyway, let me know if you have any specific questions. Obviously, more than happy to help! Happy and safe travels!

  2. Richard Chees says:

    Yaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwn . . .

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