Tablet Talk + Worldly Obsession = Hotel Bathtub <3

“The bathroom, dare I say it, was the best part. It held a two-foot-tall standalone stone tub, a marbled ivory color, with a carved icon statue overhead. A rainforest shower washed down onto a foot stand made of several polished wooden boards, directly across from a wide mirror and his and her’s sinks. An adequately frosted ceiling-height glass slat let in sounds of the outdoors and sometimes of neighbors passing.”

That’s an excerpt from my almost-finished review of Mantra Samui Resort, written yesterday, the same day Tablet Talk released their wonderful piece called 10 HOTELS TO BOOK FOR THE BATHTUB. They’ve got some excellent picks that I’m very familiar with, including El Silencio, Rayvadee Krabi, Upper House Hong Kong, Estancia Vik, etc. Took the words right out of my mouth, thanks guys. Although I think you missed one – the gorgeous Mantra Samui Resort.

My travel buddy, right after he yelled, "holy shit, take a picture of me in that bathtub!" This became a recurring theme in our vacation.

A bathtub is a hot commodity for many reasons; business travelers and city dwellers will understand. It’s not only a place to blow some bubbles, it’s a symbol of status and real estate and it’s a personal spa, for alone time and serenity. When I saw the Tablet Talk piece, I was pleasantly surprised that the travel mindset is so in sync across the industry, but that’s how it goes. No one is ever far behind, and we all love  be the first to spot the next cool thing. When I started my review post about Mantra Samui Resort on Koh Samui in Thailand, I went into depth describing the fantastic marbled egg of a (very deep) soaking tub that rested on white stones  in our teak-floored bathroom. It actually looks a lot like the Rayvadee Resort bathtub mentioned in the article. Anyway, thanks for the solidarity and affirmation Tablet Talk, I am on board for the luxurious bathtub trend all way. How about a bubble bath date? Whaddya say?

One Response to “Tablet Talk + Worldly Obsession = Hotel Bathtub <3”
  1. I enjoy what you are doing with this blog. I love fellow travelers.

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