Top 5: Brunch Spots in South Slope

I took this while brunching at Broken Yolk Cafe in San Diego..

In November, I wrote this brunch spot round-up post for the Ode to Awe blog; being that today is a Saturday and my apartment is strewn with empty Modelo cans, I thought it would be a relevant re-post for my readers, fellow New Yorkers and brunch aficionados.

“A New York City staple, brunch is the time to nurse our hangovers, boast conquests and rue defeats from the night before, and eat a heaping helping of the delectable menageries that arise from the simple, yet glorious, union of breakfast and lunch. I know that sent you running for your nearest, but I’m here to help – in a hyperlocal, microcosm type of way. Below you’ll find the top spots, well known and obscure, to eat this satisfying meal in the still-grungy (and therefore more awesome) South Slope/Gowanus area of Brooklyn.


1. SIDECAR $$ (560 5th Ave., Brooklyn, 11215)

Inside this industrial-type space, you’ll find a long bar and high wooden booths (slightly uncomfortable, but something’s gotta keep you upright today, eh?) by the left wall. Waiters are cute, young and scruffy, which is just how I like them. And the menu features New American favorites like frisee lardon salad – if you’d like to treat your tired liver to thick, home-style bacon – corned beef hash and eggs, and Southern creamy shrimp and grits. Oh, did I mention the Deconstructing Mary (infused horseradish vodka, tomato, pepper and celery)? Heaven in a glass.


2. La Boulangerie Lopez $ (647 5th Ave., Brooklyn, 11215)

Just down the street from SIDECAR, is this unassuming Latin bakery-turned-café. And, if you’re looking for a cheap alternative in the ‘hood, this is your place. They may not serve alcohol, but the pumpkin spice lattes are like catnip.  They’ve got everything from eggs benedict to chilaquiles and eggs. And, fresh-baked pastries, of course. Best of all, they totally treat you like family!


3. Bar Tano $$ (457 3rd Ave., Brooklyn, 11215)

Hidden on the outskirts of Gowanus, Bar Tano is a dimly lit contemporary hideaway with Italian roots, perfect for hearty meals in the company of your fellow yuppie-urbanites that dared take residence by a canal in Brooklyn. No “breakfast specialty” exceeds $12, and we’re talking capicolla, egg and mozzarella panini, baked eggs (take your pick between di Parma, with prosciutto and fresh basil, and Pietro, served over country-fried tomato bread), and frittatas, all served with home fries or chips.

4. The Bagel Factory $ (612 5th Ave., Brooklyn, 11215)

The only thing that tops a bagel shop in Brooklyn is a bagel shop in Brooklyn with tons of house-made cream cheese varieties and a full lunch menu, all within three blocks of your apartment. If you’re in dire need of a breakfast sandwich, jalapeno cheddar cream cheese, French toast, or a Bagel Factory Omelet (nova lox, red onion, caper), these guys will set your vitals straight, quick. Eat in at one of the lunch-room-style tables or drag it home like a caveman/woman and devour in the privacy of your dark, hangover-soothing abode.


5. Korzo $$$ (667 5th Ave., Brooklyn, 11215)

An entire wall of windows invites you to try the peasant-style, nourishing foods of Central Europe, with a local, seasonal twist, at Korzo. Hungarian sausage makes its debut in spicy paprika sauce and two sunny-side-up eggs, while a giant potato latke sits under two poached eggs and grilled home-cured kielbasa. Not your style? Try the spaetzel, German sausage hash, or the Hungarian fried flatbread in egg custard batter, with fresh banana slices and, Lord help me, Nutella. They also brew their own beer and mix a mean brunch cocktail – try the Radler (Julius Echter heffe weisse, fresh-squeezed lemonade and lime). Just a warning, this comes in a BIG glass.”

Pressed from Ode to Awe’s Top 5: Brunch Spots in South Slope


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