Mantra Samui Resort Review

Cozy Suite Bedroom

My flight into Koh Samui was heralded by a tiny 50-or-so-person plane, painted with tropical fish and palm trees. I immediately anticipated that adventures were in my future and they involved nature on a grand scale. Mantra Samui, a mountain-etched resort appeared in the darkness as we took sharp turns up a steep mountain – a precursor to the vertical uphill climb I would be subject to during my time there.

In order to check into my suite, I rode a golf cart at a daring angle that truly tested how badly you wanted to get to your room. And daredevil that I am, I was lavishly rewarded when I reached my destination, my vision stuck at an 180 degree incline before I regained my footing. At 861 square feet, the Cozy Suite was a wonder of boutique island design, rotated to face the horizon of rainforest and ocean. Sliding doors intercepted a slender deck that stretched lazily alongside them from the living room to the bedroom. The full-size living room (meaning bigger than the one in my apartment back in New York), had a queen-size day bed, sofa, computer processor with a flatscreen monitor, an ipod charger and dock, and a bar area with snacks and drinks (hello hotel room party!).

Demure behind a second set of sliding doors, the bedroom held little besides one king bed and a breathtaking view, which made the buddy room system just a tad awkward. The bathroom, dare I say it, was the best part. It held a two-foot-tall standalone stone tub, a marbled ivory color, with a statue overhead. A rainforest shower washed down onto a foot stand made of several polished wooden boards, directly across from a giant mirror and his and hers sinks. An adequately frosted ceiling-height glass slat let in sounds of the outdoors and sometimes of neighbors passing. Had I not been traveling with three others, I might have spent my entire vacation in that spa. In fact, I attempted to fill the bath, in hopes of drinking a cup of tea and blowing some bubbles in silence, but the tub was so deep that I had finished my tea and ran out of patience. Moral of the story? Start the water long before you get in.

Besides your room, the pool, fitness center and restaurant, there aren’t many facilities at Mantra, which makes it perfect for romance and relaxation. Food options end at room service and Ubuntu restaurant, which is a bit pricy, but the breakfast is worth it, featuring cooked-to-order eggs, from Benedict to hardboiled, astonishingly delicious curry fruit salads and yogurts and cereals, in addition to a varied coffee beverage menu. The infinity pool really is all it’s cracked up to be, with a dreamy underwater curved stone seating area and bar stools.

All-in-all, it’s a honeymooners-type of spot, for people who are comfortable rekindling some semblance of intimacy within the confines of their partner’s company and a jaw-dropping landscape.

The view from the deck.

One Response to “Mantra Samui Resort Review”
  1. We are off to Thailand, Cambodia, and Malaysia in December. I would love more of your insight into this world. Great stuff!

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