der kommissar, A Wurst Grows in Brooklyn


Charcuterie (Photo credit: colonnade); not from der kommissar, but close enough

There’s a $7 prosecco on the chalkboard. You have your pick between eight types of sausage, from the Viennese classic with cheese to the Austrian beef and veal meatloaf, which top out at $6 per wurst. A $2 potato salad catches your eye. The atmosphere is magical, carnal, and Deutsch. This is der kommissar, the neighborhood star I managed to walk past for the last 10 months, an elusively small place with a long narrow bar and a surprisingly spacious seating area in the back.

After drinking a nice Schneider Edelweiss out of a German stein and stroking my ego for having found a cool new-ish hangout spot within a three-block perimeter of my apartment, I settled on the evening fare. I had the $5 liptauer (traditional herbed paprika and farmer’s cheese spread), $2 pickles and peppers board, and the $2 landjager (beef jerky). I know I missed out on the aromatic casing-bundled piece de resistance, but it was a bit bulky for my appetite. What I wasn’t expecting was the three appetizers were going to be so generously portioned that I was stuffed by the time I left. I couldn’t even fit another Edelweiss; blasphemy. Everything was quite tasty. The spread came with a baguette, the jerky was nice and marbled, and the pickled peppers fiery hot! Can’t wait to go back on a Saturday for a nice bloody mary and a sausage.

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  1. […] I made it back to der kommissar today and I finally had the sausage! This is a platter with viennese, chili, and apple and chicken […]

  2. […] I made it back to der kommissar today and I finally had the sausage! This is a platter with viennese, chili, and apple and chicken […]

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