An Australian Dream

Bell's beach, Great Ocean Road (photo courtesy of staminaplus100)

I’ve always dreamed of going to Australia. I don’t know if it’s the badass reputation as a former convict settlement, my tendency to desperately want to go to places that are at least 14 hours away by plane, or that I must have watched the movie Crocodile Hunter enough times by the age of 10 that I stopped asking what a bidet was. In any case, these kinds of things are deep-rooted, my desire to cross the pond (and several more) hasn’t waned, but as of yet, this gorgeous wonderland has not been graced by my presence.

One of my best friends recently worked with the Australia Tourism Board to design a new website to promote Australia and entice visitors to make the trip out there, but I just want them to know (are you listening Australia Tourism Board?!), they sure don’t have to ask me twice. In fact, they don’t even have to ask me once! I’ll offer myself up a martyr. What’s that? Wineries and coffee farms, you say? World-class scuba diving? Cosmopolitan cities? Australian Alps? Just put some handcuffs on me, and take me away to paradise! I mean… prison. That’s it. Prison.

Anyway, check out the pretty website, courtesy of Elizabeth Metlitsky and Ensemble Travel, and learn a little more about the Riker’s Island of Great Britain that’s transformed into one of the coolest places around the world, with, might I mention, an economy that’s skimmed by the recession, unharmed.


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