Great American Road-Trip Map

As a New Yorker, constantly trapped between traffic and development, one of my most frequent escapist fantasies has always been to go cross-country. Nothing but the highway furiously unfurling before me, not an apartment building in sight, only the promise of odd roadside attractions, national forests, greasy spoon diners, historical landmarks, and the freedom of the not-so-wild West.

I’ve drawn up a VERY rough map of the cities or states I’d like to hit, but if anyone has any suggestions for cool stops along the way, I’d love some advice. Who knows, maybe this city-rat will finally realize her dream of the Great American Road-Trip.

4 Responses to “Great American Road-Trip Map”
  1. Erin Spens says:

    I like that you’ve put Iowa City on your map! That’s my hometown, and even after 7 years in NYC, 1 year in Istanbul, and 3 years in London, I still love Iowa City!

  2. Liz says:

    Ohh no new mexico? It looks so rad!

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